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Door Guards & Bumper Protection Products

*Note: These bumper protection products are available for every make and model car, truck and SUV.

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Bumper Blocker Bumper Guards

The Bumper Blocker is a shield of durable foam padding that attaches to your vehicle's bumper to protect it from body damage while parking. This isn't like the other bumper guards, it wraps around the entire bumper so there is no area that is left unprotected.

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Bumper Bully Rear Bumper Protector

Get a Bumper Bully rear bumper guard and never come back to a scratched and scraped rear bumper again. This bumper protector will solve your parking problems with a durable rubber pad that effectively prevents cosmetic damage to your bumper.

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Door Defender Car Door Guard

A tight parking space can mean big problems for your car doors. This car door protector is secured to your vehicle with high-strength magnets and is able to stop the door of the car next to you from putting a dent in your car or scratching your paintjob.

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Car Door Edge Guard

Your car's paintjob is the most important part of the appearance of your vehicle. Get a door edge guard to protect your paint in tight parking spaces where your car door may come in contact with another car, wall, pole, etc.