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Bumper Bully - Rear Bumper Protector

Bumper Protection - Black Edition Bumper Bully Black Edition

The Bumper Bully black edition rear bumper guard is great for outdoor parking. Bumper Bully is made from an all-weather, durable, soft, elastic rubber that is PVC FREE. PVC Plastic. Does NOT have Steel Reinforced Straps !

BLACK Edition Features
(1) White logo and Matte Black - Patented Stabilizer Bars.
(2) Waterproof Trunk Straps (Not Steel Reinforced)
(3) Premium Quality Soft, Elastic Rubber Material

SALE PRICE: $39.95

Bumper Protector - Gold Edition Bumper Bully Gold Edition

The Bumper Bully is the #1 selling rear bumper guard. The bumper guard is made from a premium soft, elastic rubber material that is both thicker and lighter than competing rear bumper protectors.

Gold Edition Features
(1) Gold Color - Patented Stabilizer Bars
(2) 3M Quality Reflectors
(3) Steel Reinforced - Trunk Security Straps
(4) Premium Quality Rubber Material “PVC Free”

SALE PRICE: $44.95

Bumper Guard - Platinum Edition Bumper Bully Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition includes all the features of the Gold Edition + Impact Pads (thick soft foam rubber pads on the backside). When it comes time for choosing rear bumper protection don’t choose cheap PVC Plastic imitation bumper guards.

Platinum Edition Features
(1) Premium Platinum Color - Patented Stabilizer Bars
(2) 3M Premium Reflectors
(3) Steel Reinforced – Trunk Security Straps
(4) 10mm Thick Cushion Pads on Backside (Foam Rubber)
(5) Premium grade soft, elastic rubber material “PVC Free"

SALE PRICE: $54.95

Bumper Bully Features

Bumpe ProtectorBumpe Protection
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This durable, rubber pad provides rear bumper protection from paint chips, scratches and other damage to your rear bumper while your car is parked. This bumper protector is easy to install and no modification to your vehicle is required. The Bumper Bully attaches to your car with two straps that are secured on the inside of your trunk. Whenever you're parking your car and want to use your Bumper Bully , just flip it outside of your trunk. It's that easy!